Energy Saving Heating and Cooling Solutions

For air and water

An energy saving solution company

Established in 2009, Tivok Energy is an Australian based company manufacturing revolutionary heating systems. Our systems embrace sustainability, assisting customers to save significantly on energy consumption, increase their green rating, reduce carbon emissions and live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

You’re in good company

We have helped many world-renowned and local brands reduce their energy consumption, including:


Our multi-functional heating and cooling systems can be utilised for energy efficient:

Potable water
Pool and spa
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Fan coil units
Panel radiators

Flexible system scale and capability

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For residential and small business

Our dual function residential systems provide energy efficient hot water in combination with either hydronic under-floor heating or HVAC according to your needs. The system can be installed as a thermal or solar thermal system and saves households significantly on heating costs, with savings of up to 80% on hot water alone.

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For commercial and industrial

Tivok’s multi-functional systems are ideal for commercial and industrial properties as they provide reliable and energy efficient space and water heating and cooling, significantly reducing some of their largest overheads. Our systems can be utilised for a variety of purposes in retrofits or new installs across multiple industries including accommodation, construction, manufacturing, and construction/development.

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For swimming pool and spa

Swimming pools and spas are a commercial and residential asset you should be able to enjoy year round without the deterrence of a substantial heating price tag. Our systems allow just that, with highly energy efficient heating that saves 65% on energy compared to gas heating and 80% on energy compared to electric heating, drastically decreasing your pool and spa heating bill.

Australia-wide distribution network

Tivok has a nationwide distribution network, divided into 55 convenient regional areas.

Find the right system for your needs

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